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When booking your site, select any of these Luxury options and they will be added to your campsite.




Outdoor Kitchen - $100

Cook outdoor gourmet meals.  Covered outdoor kitchen with 2-burner range and Gourmet BBQ.  Includes some cooking tools, a 4ft long prep-counter, single sink,  40L of water, and a full 20lb tank of propane.


Propane Camp Fire - $20

Enjoy a warm comforting campfire.  We will equip your campsite with a propane campfire for roasting marshmallows or just hanging out in the evening.  Includes a full 20lb tank of propane.


Heated Shower - $35

Don’t like cold camping showers?  No problem, we’ll heat you up.  Add a heated shower to your site and avoid goosebumps.  Includes one full 20lb tank of propane.


Bike Rental - $20

Off-road bicycle to get you through the trails with a little extra fun.

Fat tires and sturdy suspension for extra traction and a smooth ride.



Bicycle Helmet - $5

Don't have a bicycle helmet or short on cargo space.  Stay safe, rent one from us.


Canoe - $15

Rent a canoe for two with paddles and all the boat safety gear.  Lifejackets are mandatory when you are on the water.


Lifejacket - $5

Don't have a lifejacket or short on space? No problem, we will supply one for you.  

Hammock - $10

Imagine relaxing and being gently rocked by a soft breeze on a sunny afternoon in a tranquil forest.  I'm already feeling sleepy, must be nap time.


Propane BBQ - $20

It’s not very easy to bring along a BBQ.  We’ll set you up.  Rent our standard BBQ.  Includes a full 20lb tank of propane. 


Gourmet BBQ - $50

Big, shinny and full of awesome.  Gourmet Stainless Steel 4 burner BBQ.  Even heat, low flare up, thermometer to control the heat.  Add a lot of extra Yumm to your experience.  Includes a full 20lb tank of propane. 


Extra Propane - $35

One extra 20lb propane tank.  If you don’t use it, we will give you a refund after checkout.


Extra Potable Water - $5

An additional 40L tank of water to enjoy those long showers and wash a lot of dishes after you create amazing food.


Camping Gear - $custom

Let us know what you need, we’ll hook you up.  Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

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