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Safety Policy



Update On: September 7, 2021

  • This policy is subject to change and will be updated as needed to meet or exceed Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations, acts, laws, etc.

Safety Policy

  • Respect yourself, others and the environment



  • Do not feed the animals, big or small.  Feeding animals encourages interaction with humans and may result in dangerous interactions with wildlife.

  • Do not pick, remove or damage any tree, plant, flower, shrub or other vegetation.

  • Pack it in and pack it out.  If you bring it to the trails or out for a walk, bring it back.

  • Clean up your garbage - Don't leave garbage outside

  • No fires.  This is a fire free property.  Fire bans are frequent and you will be fined if you have a fire. Propane fire pit is available

  • If possible, only use the soap provided at the washroom, shower and sink areas.


If you have any question or concerns about our Safety Policy, you may contact us via the Contact Us page or in writing at the following address:

MCS Escape Inc.

224 Armstrong Line

Maberly ON


Attention: Health and Safety Officer

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